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Vintage Micro GG Canvas Handbag

Vintage Micro GG Canvas Handbag


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 Say hello to a total CLASSIC vintage Gucci bag that will always be cool and never not relevant. We are so in love with the "little G's" these older 90's styles have, and the way a vintage Gucci bag holds up is an absolute testament to the design house's quality of goods. 

This particular style handbag is sort of liek doctor's kit meets mini duffel and we are obsessed. Classic brown, timeless everything. 
The Micro GG Canvas and Leather bag has two hand straps to hold it with enough room to wear it on the inside of your arm or possibly on the shoulder! Standard wear on the corners to be expected but just the type of wearing that adds character to a beautiful bag like this! 
Please note** This bag originally had a shoulder strap that accompanied which was detachable. If you ask us it is much cuter this way, and this seems to be the general consensus, but we want to make sure you have all the information before making a purchase! One of the metal loops where the strap would clip on has been what appears to be intentionally removed and there are no holes or additional damage nor does this make the bag more vulnerable to tears.
  • Height 8"
  • Max. 12"
  • Depth 7"
  • Length of handles 6"
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