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Vintage Silk Scarf Wrap Dress - S1

Vintage Silk Scarf Wrap Dress - S1

Joys of Another Time

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These signature vintage scarf wrap dresses are one-of-a-kind treasures made from a carefully-selected assortment of pre-owned, recycled silk scarves. The designer, Willis Brown, collects and then pieces together the unexpected prints and patterns and handmakes sewn, stunning pieces - each one intended to be worn in a variety of ways by women (and men!) of all shapes and sizes. 

And, yes, all these photos are of the same dress! So many ways to wear...tutorial coming soon but if you buy one it comes with a free FaceTime demo so we can walk you through the magic. (they're really easy to wear, just hard to believe that is the case when you see how beautiful and unique they are with such artful complexities!)

Joys of Another Time is based in Brooklyn and every design is made with love and the environment in mind.

Each Scarf Dress is Unique and Unsized, intend as a one size fits all, being completely adjustable and flattering on all body types

FABRIC INFO: Made from vintage 100% silk vintage scarves

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